PAN Card Details– What to Fill in PAN Card Application Form?

In India, PAN card has quickly became one of the wide accepted plastic card that governs most of the transaction. It is a great weapon by the government to curb the anti terrorist activity as well as corruption or havala. Unfortunately, most of the people are confused about the details to be filled in the application form. If you are planning to apply online, then you can download PAN card application form for free from the given link.

Would you like to verify PAN card details or PAN Card data online by the PAN number as well by name of the person? Central government has launched “Know Your Pan” online service to verify the new and existing Permanent Account Numbers. The PAN Card data can be cross verified by both ways; by name and by PAN number. Any PAN Card details can be verified by the third party too to cross check the genuineness of the person or company before getting into financial transaction. Hence vice versa, name of the person can also be verified from the PAN card details or PAN card data.

pan card details

Follow the instructions and links given in this article to view and verify the PAN Card Details:

How to verify PAN Number by Name

Here is given all steps to follow as you want to know your PAN Card number just by name or of any other person.

  1. Click here at Know Your PAN at site of Income Tax Department.
  2. Enter details : Date of Birth, Surname, First name and middle name. (You can just fill in the date of birth and surname as first name and middle name fields are optional).
  3. Click on submit to view your PAN number or PAN card details.

We are sure now it will be too simple for you to track PAN number or track person or entity’s details by PAN number.

Verify Name By PAN Number

As with our above guidelines, you can check PAN card details, while here we guide on how to check anyone’s name and area details just by his/her PAN number. This facility is provided by Income Tax Department of India through online facility called ‘Know Your Jurisdiction Officer.’ Follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Click here to reach Know Your Jurisdiction Officer page of Income Tax site.
  2. Enter the PAN number and click on ‘submit’ button.
  3. You will be now able to view the person’s complete name and jurisdiction details on the screen.

Make use of the online facilities of Know Your Pan and Know your Jurisdiction provided by Income Tax Department with quickly and efficiently from our post. Sure we served our purpose well with familiarizing you and guiding you on verifying Pan card details and verifying name by pan card number.

nsdl pan card details

Click here to check your PAN Card Status

(PAN) Permanent Account Number is a 10 digit alphanumeric identifier unique to every person and firm which is issued by Income Tax Department. PAN has bcome mandatory to quote before entering into any kind of economic or financial transaction. Gradually, the use of PAN is increasing and becoming mandatory for various procedures like opening a new bank account, purchase of foreign currency, bank deposites etc. Do not forget to visit our dedicated PAN card information website to get regular updates related to it.

In case if you lose your PAN Card, you can get the PAN number online to apply for the duplicate PAN Card. With online KNOW Your PAN, you can get your PAN number from any where just by entering your name. We are sure you liked our easy to follow information on Pan Card details and verification of Pan cards by number or name.

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